March 2016

Where Asia meets Europe

Istanbul is a fascinating city where two very different sides meet and co-exist with one another, East and West. I took these shots while on holiday there rushing through the crowd and with just seconds to capture each shot before the whole frame gets filled with passers by.

Aya Sofia
Hagia Sofia Interior
Aya Sofia
Interior Aya Sofia
Wall Art at Aya Sofia
Interior Aya Sofia
Hagia Sofia B&W
Staircase inside Aya Sofia
Tunnel inside Aya Sofia
View from inside Aya Sofia
Blue Mosque
Blue Mosque Interior
Prayer Time
Cave inside Aya Sofia
Carper Worker - Istanbul
Entrance to Aya Sofia
Street Water Tab - Istanbul
Street Vendor - Istanbul
Street Lanterns - Istanbul
Inside the grand bazaar - Istanbul
Poor Man's Treasure
Colours inside Grand Bazaar